The Brand

Pronounced: eh-ti-kus
Origin: etiquette-ous
Meaning: full of the qualities of golfing etiquette
Vision: the proper watch for a proper golfer

There are people who ‘play golf’ and people who consider themselves to be ‘a golfer’. Both can enjoy the game but there are clear distinctions between the two.

The transition from just ‘playing golf’ to ‘being a golfer’ is a journey that many start but not all finish. The journey takes the player from the first steps acquiring the basic skills to play the game, through understanding the essential rules, joining a club and entering club competitions. The gifted few progress through the ranks of club and county golf, into the elite amateur categories and then onto the ranks of the professional game. Yet the beauty of golf is that any golfer of any ability can have a game and enjoy the company of other golfers. They will acquire many friends along the way, will visit many stunning golf courses and will, for the most part, be a better person as a result.

In today’s world where professional sport is a highly commercial activity generating huge sums of money and top professionals secure very lucrative contracts and rewards it is pleasing to see that, in the main, golf has retained the core ethos upon which it was founded with those first rules written by the Gentleman Golfers of Leith back in the mid 1700’s. Many words have been used to capture and express that ‘spirit’ such as honesty, integrity and courtesy. However it is only by playing the game and being a ‘golfer’ that you really get immersed in the history and learn, from other golfers, to respect all that has gone before.

Good golfers regulate their behaviour and abide by the rules. They show respect for their partners or their opponents and golf also expects each player to play their best, be humble in victory and congratulatory in defeat. No matter how competitive, the game relies on the discipline of the player to show sportsmanship at all time.

When asked what sets Golf apart from other sports most people will reply ‘etiquette’. Whilst even the 'Players Edition' rules of golf are a daunting 134 pages the etiquette of golf is captured in less than 18 words. The fundamentals of showing consideration to others, taking care of the course and playing at a prompt pace are the core principles embodied in an ETIQUS timepiece. If you can remember and commit to these three principles then you’re well on course to being ‘a good golfer’.


  • Show consideration to others
  • Take care of the course
  • Play at a prompt pace

A golfer’s lot is not only to take from the game but also to give something back. Showing consideration for others extends beyond the golf course and charity is an ever present aspect of being a golfer.

Giving something back via a charitable donation is at the core of the ETIQUS brand. There are many worthy charities that support activities within the golfing community and we know that the future of the game depends on the next generation wanting to play golf and having the opportunity to do so.

ETIQUS was successful in raising over £30000 for The Golf Foundation.