Our Guarantee


Your timepiece is covered by a 2 year no quibble guarantee which covers it against defects in material and workmanship for 2 years from the date of your invoice email. During this period we guarantee to exchange or repair, at our discretion, any defective components free of charge.

We understand that some of our watches which have bracelets may need to be adjusted in order to get a good fit. We would always recommend that a watch is worn fitted rather than loose in order to provide the best protection for it. It is best to get the bracelet adjusted by a jeweller local to you. Some jewellers will adjust a watch bracelet for free or a small charge, typically around £10.

There are a few eventualities however that aren’t covered by guarantee:

  • Batteries are empty or low. We use Renata 373 or Sony SR916SW 1.55v batteries for our Mens watches (Models 91XX) and Renata 371 or Sony SR920SW for our Ladies watches (Models 92XX). As our movements are Swiss made we recommend that any work on your watch including a battery change is undertaken by a qualified jeweller. 
  • Any damage caused by accident, mis-use or lack of care.
  • Leather or Silcone Straps as they will wear in normal use
  • Any timepiece handled by non-authorised persons or which undergo alterations or modifications beyond  the original condition beyond our control (other than bracelet adjustment).

For any service or repairs under guarantee please contact our Customer Services Team.