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Latest News - 'Watch brand for golfers proves a swinging success' - WatchPro

Expand Your Horizons - 'Truly, one of golf's hidden gems' - Golf Monthly 

GP Most Wanted - 'Well, if you didn't already know, ETIQUS make timepieces exclusively for golfers. It's about time someone did, right?' - Golfpunk

Watch Review - 'If you are looking for the perfect gift for your golfing loved one, look no further than the beautiful ETIQUS watch' - Golf Magic

A Golfer's Timepiece - 'We can now benefit from a range of watches that have been specifically designed with golfers in mind' - Golf World 

An Instant Classic - 'The latest timepiece from ETIQUS is proving a hit with golfers and watch aficionados alike' - Golf News 

Time for Style - 'ETIQUS nails niche market with watches for golfers' - Bunkered 

Golf's New Innovators : The Watch King - 'He's gone from IT maestro to launching the first watch specifically designed for golfers' - Today's Golfer 

The Golfer's Choice - 'The Sport models feature the iconic bezel' - Golf Monthly 

'ETIQUS are continuing the line of excellence that has seen the British brand achieve a lofty reputation for its quality.' - Golfshake