When the copy of Golf Monthly dropped through the letterbox in January 2011 it was an article entitled 'On the Clock?' by then associate editor Jezz Ellwood that immediately attracted my attention.

With Patents pending on my 'Golfing Accessory Timepiece' I was free to go public with my invention and do some 'market testing' to get some feedback and insightful opinion from some of the key influencers in golf. The article seemed the ideal catalyst and Golf Monthly appeared a good place to start. An email to editor Mike Harris resulted in an introduction to Jeremy - 'call me Jezz' - and off I went south of the river for my first ever meeting about my watch that was conducted without the security blanket of a non-disclosure agreement.

I've kept in touch with Jezz over the last four years and when my watch was finally brought to life it seemed natural that he should be one of the first people to have the opportunity to wear one and to give me an informal product and service review.

As the man who has interviewed such golfing greats as Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo and my all time favourite, the dearly departed Seve, when he revealed he was going freelance, it was an opportunity too good to miss not to invite him to write a blog or two for ETIQUS.

When we discussed potential subject matters the first thing that came into my head was 'What makes Jezz tick?' and hence this is the question that Jezz addresses as the first guest blogger for ETIQUS.


Gary Butler - Founder

PS It was also a leader in Golf Monthly highlighting the plight of the Golf Foundation that first made me aware of the wonderful work they do in introducing Golf to the next generation and helping them to develop some of the life skills that Golf has to offer. That was the spark that resulted in the Golf Foundation being the charitable beneficiary of ETIQUS. I'm pleased to say that this link seems to be resonating with those golfers, professional and amateur alike, who are buying into the ETIQUS brand with many putting their hand in their pockets to support the cause and the future of golf. I feel good about that. Thank you.