Congratulations to Dustin Johnson who yesterday became The Masters Champion for 2020 collecting his first green jacket with a record low score of 20 under. It was an assured performance by Johnson, reminding me of Spieths win in 2015, when the excitement of the back nine on Sunday at the Masters became more of a processional victory, such was his commanding lead over the field.

One of the most talked about 'back nine' incidents, certainly on social media, was Tiger Woods taking 10 at the short, but treacherous, 12th. For me the most impressive thing about that was Tiger's response to the disaster with birdies at 5 of the remaining 6 holes. Truly masterful!

It got me thinking about what do you have to do to be one of the Masters of golf?

Clearly there's not many green jackets to go around for the 60 million or so golfers on the planet so perhaps some other criteria would allow more golfers to join the masters club?

There's about 30 million golfers with a handicap so that at least demonstrates a degree of competence of our beautiful game. But where do you have to rank to be in the masters class? Single figures? Category 1? PGA Pro?

Perhaps Bobby Jones, the founder of The Masters, can give us some help with a clue to those qualities that every golfer can acquire in their game. He famously said 'In golf, the customs. etiquette and decorum are as important as the rules of play'.

AT ETIQUS we certainly believe that your behaviour is as important as your competence to play. Showing consideration for others, taking care of the course and in particular playing at a prompt pace are the essential qualities of behaviour that build the character and reputation of any good golfer. Importantly any golfer can achieve that status. Most golfers know a few 'bad golfers' whose description is achieved not by their lack of ability but how they behave when playing the game.

So I've tried to incorporate those sentiments in every ETIQUS Golf Timepiece and capture the true spirit of the game in a watch you can wear as your everyday timekeeper. Accurately tells you the time whilst telling every one else that you're a golfer, a good golfer, even a master of golf!

Yours in Golf

Gary Butler, Founder

PS It's no coincidence that the second hand on every ETIQUS Golf Timepiece is in the form of a red flag pointing to the left - just like the one on the logo of the Masters. Funny that.