Are you the type that gets all of your Christmas shopping done early to avoid the madness of December? Or do you usually struggle finding the perfect gift for the golfer in your life? Or maybe, you just fancy treating yourself and aren’t sure what new golf gifts are out there? When it comes to golf-related gifts, the tacky far outweigh the quality. Who hasn’t unwrapped the latest, tasteless gadget meant for the course from a well-intentioned, although somewhat misguided, relative? Here are some of the better golf gifts to spend your money on, regardless of your budget.


Now this one can cross the line between classy and tacky, but done tastefully and subtly personalisation can really add an element of style to your golf equipment. Avoid novelty shaped tees, or balls labelled with cartoons and the like; a simple initial insignia will look beautiful and set your equipment aside from all other golfers. From £10-£15, you can get your initials engraved on tees, balls and ball markers, whilst having the same done on your club handles or golf head cover will set you back a little more (£40-£80). For those looking to go all out with the personalisation, Footjoy allow you to create your own custom golf shoes from scratch – right down to your own personal insignia on the heel, for around £170.


There are enough gadgets for the course to fill a dozen stockings come Christmas morning, but for true golf enthusiasts there are also a few gifts for the home that can impress the receiver. For example, a framed plaque displaying the original 13 Rules of Golf, as drafted in 1744 by the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith, is a nice gift that demonstrates a passion for golf’s history. For around £80, the framed item includes an information plaque about the group, who went on to become the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. Although many professional golfers bring out the obligatory autobiography, only a few really stand out as being great. Although not strictly a golfing autobiography, Who’s Your Caddy?, the autobiography of Rick Reilly is amongst the best golfing books ever written. As one of the most respected sportswriters in the world, Reilly abandoned his career to try to make it as a caddy. His insightful, candid book chronicles his journey, as he carried bags for the likes of Jack Nicklaus, John Daly and David Duval.


Some accessories are simply a must-have, and can help shape who you are out there on the course. Along with your ETIQUS timepiece, the perfect choice of clubs, balls or clothing can ultimately prove to be the perfect golfing gift. However, each golfer has his or her own carefully chosen style, so unless you want your gift to go to waste, you should research as thoroughly as possible the brand and style of accessory your golfer uses. Although it might seem like the simple option, an improved version of an accessory your golfer already owns could prove to be the perfect golfing gift.