Passionate about your golf?

Did you see the feature on ETIQUS timepieces in the latest issue? Here’s some selected quotes:

“Want a beautiful, practical and feature packed timepiece crafted specially for golfers?

"British watch brand ETIQUS has launched a 24-strong collection of timepieces made specifically for those proud to be recognised as golfers.”

Click here to read the Golf Monthly feature and learn more about:

  • The subtle golf-specific features of an ETIQUS timepiece
  • How the unique bezel was inspired by Pace of Play Guidelines from the R&A
  • The meaning behind the name ‘ETIQUS’
  • Our commitment to supporting young people in golf

"The patented timepieces range in price from £179 to £329, with the SPORT collections featuring the iconic bezel."

Looking to buy a watch for yourself or a fellow golfer?

See the ETIQUS range online and find the perfect timepiece today.

Alternatively, read our reviews and learn why one of Britain’s best independent watch bloggers calls our Sport Pro model “an absolutely fantastic timepiece”.