Those of you who know me or know my story will be well aware that I was only able to take up golf through the generosity of the parents of one of my school friends. It's something that I've been so grateful for as golf has become a key aspect of my life.

Whether it's been playing the game socially with good friends, as a business tool to build relationships with customers or now owning a watch 'micro' brand exclusively for golfers I've taken so much from golf that giving something back to golf is a core activity and a personal passion.

Every £5 we can raise through the sales of ETIQUS Timepieces or via the ETIQUS Charity Challenges that are run, predominantly through the summer months. goes towards our target. 100% of every donation goes to The Golf Foundation - there is no management overhead or reduction to cover any costs expended in fund raising. I think that's important for every golfer to know. All donations are fully visible on our Justgiving page for total transparency.

We first started our fund raising efforts in September 2014 and during the rest of that year and the whole of 2015 we were able to raise a very creditable £11,726.39. So by the end of 2016 I hope that we can increase the total amount raised and break through the £25,000 barrier - it will be a great achievement when we do.

If you want to know what this means to The Golf Foundation then if you missed it, you can read a blog by Brendon Pyle, CEO who gives some insight into how the money is helping more youngsters get into golf! Something that I really care about.

So thank you for your support so far - if you'd like to make your own donation then just click on this link to visit our Justgiving page.

Enjoy your golf!

Gary Butler