Passionate about your golf?

Did you see the feature on ETIQUS golf timepieces in the September issue. Here’s some selected quotes:

“ETIQUS nails niche market with watch for golfers”

“If you’re gassing for a new watch, you might want to check out the impressive line of timepieces from British brand ETIQUS. They are the brainchild of entrepreneur Gary Butler and consist of 24 watches, each with their own nod of appreciation to the game of golf."

For the price of a driver, any golfer can wear an ETIQUS timepiece.

“Rolex and Omega make fantastic watches and promote their brand in the golfing world - but there are probably less than 10% of golfers who could afford one. If you can afford to play golf, you can afford to buy one of my watches,” explains Gary in the Bunkered article.

The secret behind the golfer bezel is also revealed in detail.

“It’s like a secret code. If you understand what that is, you understand golf.”

Click here to read the full Bunkered article and learn more about:

  • The secret behind the Butler Bezel that only golfers will understand
  • How we delight customers with affordable prices and fast delivery
  • The story behind how the first true timepiece for golfers was invented

Looking to buy a watch for yourself or a fellow golfer?

See the ETIQUS range online and find the perfect timepiece today.

Alternatively, read our reviews and learn why one of Britain’s best independent watch bloggers calls our Sport Pro model “an absolutely fantastic timepiece”.