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Dear Friend

Let’s be absolutely clear – I’m not another watch brand trying to make a traditional watch for golfers with little understanding or passion for the game. I’m a businessman who loves golf and decided it’s about time that golfers too had a proper timepiece, not a GPS device, they can wear every day that truly embodies the unique spirit of the game.

I’m experienced enough to know that to be successful I had to offer a range of desirable quality timepieces at a very competitive price backed by first class service. By partnering with a leading UK based watch manufacturer I am able to offer the quality timepieces exclusively to golfers that I have worked very hard to create.

All of the design detail is meaningful to the dedicated golfer and consistent with the enduring traditions of horology. I look forward to welcoming you to the ETIQUS Club.  

Yours in golf,

Gary Butler - Founder

Gary Butler

The Story Of ETIQUS

ETIQUS founder Gary Butler gives some insight into his 12-year journey to create a proper watch for the proper golfer.

The Founder

Gary's twelve year journey to the creation of ETIQUS started the day his children picked a watch for his birthday whilst on a family holiday in the golfing paradise of the Algarve. Later the same day, sat on a lounger soaking up the sun, Gary was mistakenly identified as a 'diver' by a couple of friends who passed by, simply by the watch he was wearing. Unbeknown to him, the quirky looking watch was actually one from a scuba range of diving watches. 'I'm not a diver I'm a golfer' he replied - and with those words the quest to invent the proper watch for a proper golfer began.

Gary wasn’t born into a ‘golfing family’ but was introduced to the game at the age of 12 by the generosity of the parents of one of his school friends. It has figured prominently in his life ever since. His wife also plays golf and they live in a house that backs onto a Cheshire golf course. He is an avid reader and follower of the game, has spent six years as an active golf committee member and is a competent player too.

Gary was taken to The Open in Troon in 1989 and fell in love with Links Golf. Since then he has played over 100 UK coastal courses including over 80 which are classed as ‘true links’. It has given him long lasting friendships, memories of some of the most beautiful places on our coast and a great understanding of the history of the game. His ambition is to play his 100th true links course at the last remaining Open venue he has yet to play – Muirfield. 

A successful businessman, Gary led multi million pound businesses within the UK IT and Communications Sector with an empowered style that brought out the very best in people who worked with him. His corporate experience, business expertise and entrepreneurial flair gave him a solid foundation to launch his new venture. By offering his timepieces exclusively online direct to golfers Gary believes he is able to offer a quality timepiece backed by excellent service at a very competitive price.

Gary is the Founder and Managing Director of ETIQUS Ltd; a dabbling saxophonist and amateur photographer; optimistic football season ticket holder; expert shirt ironer, beer and wine lover and a dedicated father to two daughters.

When he has time he likes to play golf.

ETIQUS Business Principles

We aim to operate and conduct our business direct with golfers in the same spirit that underpins the game – honesty, courtesy and integrity.

Our aims are best expressed as follows:

  • We source quality components and products from established watch industry experts made exclusively to our own distinctive British designs.
  • We showcase our timepieces exclusively on WWW.ETIQUS.CO.UK
  • We aim to provide a best practice online shopping experience allowing our customers to browse, explore and confidently select the desired timepiece.
  • We sell our timepieces online direct to golfers in order to offer the best price possible 
  • We aim to transact and ship orders quickly, efficiently and securely.
  • We offer a 14 day customer satisfaction period and all of our timepieces have a 2 year no quibble guarantee.
  • We aim to completely satisfy our customers and we measure their satisfaction levels using independent tools to get feedback and ratings on their experience. You can read their feedback here.

A Timepiece for every Golfer