We  have been led to believe that the  Committee at the world famous Masters Golf Tournament have declared that green golf balls will be compulsory at next weeks running of the annual tournament. A spokesman reportedly said 'At the Masters our aim is to present the best possible visual appeal of our wonderful golf course for Patrons, spectators, honored guests and the millions of golf lovers across the globe who will tune in via TV and Digital Media to follow the four days of exciting tournament golf. After careful consideration we felt that white golf balls resting upon on our pristine green fairways and greens left an impression of imperfection and so after careful consideration the decision to move to green balls was confirmed.'

A representative of one leading golf ball manufacturer was overheard to say 'We think its a potential own goal for the tournament but great news for us. Green balls will absorb more heat and as a result travel much further with higher spin rates.' Not the first time we've heard such claims from ball manufacturers. He continued 'As a result there's likely to be some very low scoring out there, meaning that the Tournament low score and even the lowest score to par in a Major, recently achieved by Jason Day in the PGA Championship, is highly likely to be broken.'

A former champion allegedly commented 'We're all looking forward to the Champions dinner with a menu chosen by last years winner Jordan Spieth and no doubt as we tuck into our choice of Texan meats with plenty of greens the balls ruling will be a hot topic of conversation'.

Finally one leading professional and likely contender for the famous green jacket when hearing about the decision shook his head in disbelief and said 'You have to respect the attention to detail that underpins this tournament and probably makes it the best organised and enjoyable major of the year. In any other event you'd be left thinking that a decision like this was just some kind of April Fool!'.